This crazy adventure started with a set of snow tires.


The actual tires that inspired SquirrelBox!

We moved to Denver in the summer of 2015 and when the snow began to fall that first Winter, we knew we needed to upgrade our tires so we could survive our weekend ski trips.

So, I bought some legit, studded snow tires that made our tiny VW Golf transform into a snow beast. And I simply put our old summer tires in the guest bedroom to wait till Spring.

Big mistake.

My beautiful wife quickly told me that we weren’t going to store our extra tires in the guest bedroom. She wanted a Kinfolk type room. Conundrum. We were already paying a ton of $$$ for rent and didn’t have the budget to afford the $75/month at a local self-storage unit.

But, the choice was clear: spend the money or have an upset wife.

I chose neither and instead my entrepreneurial mind went into overdrive. What if there was an easier, more economical solution for people who wanted to store just a few things?

SquirrelBox is born

We launched this venture in early 2016 to help people like us reclaim their space. Denver is an amazing city and the people here are full of adventure. We need gear for our adventures. We need stuff for everyday life. And, we need a space to call home.

SquirrelBox helps people store their stuff and reclaim their space by providing the most convenient storage solution in Denver. We pickup, store, and return your stuff. Right at your door. It’s simple.

Since launching, we’ve helped our customers store their seasonal clothing, winter gear, summer gear, kayak gear, ski gear, and all other types of gear. Even a few more sets of tires too!


The wife and me! The original labor behind SquirrelBox.

It’s been a wild ride. And we’re excited to help more folks in Denver reclaim their space.

Lastly, SquirrelBox wouldn’t be here without the help and support of many people. Thanks so much to my wife who has supported me and this endeavor from the very beginning. She is the foundation! To my family and friends, your encouragement on the entrepreneurial journey is the only reason SquirrelBox is still here. Thank you. Finally, to all our customers, you’ve trusted us and let us store your things. I’m honored and humbled, and I’m forever grateful.

If you’re not a customer, we hope you’ll consider becoming one. Safely storing your stuff is our priority and we won’t let you down. If you have any questions, please reach out directly to me.

A few fun facts:

  • We’re a Veteran owned business. I served in the U.S. Army for over 5 years.
  • We landed our first customer one week after launch!
  • We’re currently storing 400 toys for a local non-profit.
  • We still make deliveries/pickups in the VW Golf!
  • 26% of people in Denver don’t own cars! That’s one reason we pickup/deliver.
  • My favorite outdoor activity is backpacking and starting campfires.
  • Squirrels can smell their stored food underneath a foot of snow!
  • A squirrel’s front teeth never stop growing!