Return of Stored Items

Coordination for the delivery of your stored items begins in mid-July. If you need your items delivered before then, please select the custom delivery option below.

In mid-July, we will email you to schedule the delivery according to the free delivery dates for your school or a custom delivery ($90 fee).

Standard Option (FREE)

Select dates. Free delivery dates can be found on each school’s page.

Please note: we will coordinate delivery in mid-July. There is no need to coordinate anything now unless you need your items before August 1.

Overview: We will bring your items to the curbside of your dorm, house, apartment, or greek house during a specific time window on the free dates listed on your school’s page. This will be very similar to how your items were picked up in the Spring.

Dates: Visit your school’s page

If you can’t pickup your items, you can designate a Trusted Alternative to pickup your items. Or, choose the custom delivery option.



Custom Delivery ($90 fee)

If you need delivery before August 1, use this option

We will bring the items to the curbside of your address or dorm on a different date than the free dates for your school.


  • Must be scheduled at least 7 days in advance
  • Monday-Friday deliveries only
  • 2 delivery time windows (8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm). We will text you the day of with a more accurate ETA during this time window but you must be available the whole time period.
  • Address must be within 5 miles of campus
  • All deliveries are to the curbside of your building. We will not bring anything inside.

You can designate a Trusted Alternative to sign for your items, if needed

**Delivery spots WILL fill up. Reservations will be given on a first come, first-serve basis.