FAQs about Student Storage

Here are the answers to common questions about our student storage service!

How does it work?
It’s simple! Sign up on our website to create your account. Then, we’ll bring you FREE boxes for you to pack your items in. After you’re packed, we return to campus during Finals Week to pickup your items. We store everything in our secure, climate-controlled warehouse so everything is super safe. After your summer break (or study abroad), we’ll deliver your boxes back to campus.
How does the storage pick up work?
Each campus has designated free pickup days. These are usually during finals week before the dorms close. We come to the curbside of each dorm or apartment and pickup your items during a specific time window. If you need a custom pickup day, this can be arranged for an extra fee.
How does the storage delivery work?
Before students return to campus, we email everyone our delivery schedule. Each student signs up for the free delivery day or requests a custom delivery (for an extra fee). We bring all items to the curbside of your dorm or apartment.
What is the valet service?
This means we do all the heavy lifting and move your items from your room to our truck! There is an extra fee for this service. Our free pickups are from the curbside of your dorm/apartment so you’re responsible for bringing them down from your room.
How big are the free boxes?
We have three sizes.

Wardrobe Box: 21x24x47 = 13 cubic feet. These are great for bulky items like bedding, lamps, pictures, etc. Or, use them to hang your clothes!

Large Box: 18x18x24 = 4.5 cubic feet. Big enough for almost all your stuff!

Small Box: 12x12x18 = 1.5 cubic feet. This is great for books or small fragile items.

Do you offer shipping services?
Absolutely! Please contact us for a custom quote.
Why is the wardrobe box amazing?
We’re the only storage company to provide free wardrobe boxes! 90% of students pack these full of their bulky items like bedding, gear, pictures, etc. Just make sure you keep it under 50lbs so we can move it!
What if I have items that can’t fit in a box?

No problem! We store bikes, skis, snowboards, couches, furniture, rugs, and even kayaks. The pricing is dependent on how many people it takes to carry the item. See pricing info here.

What do most students store?
Anything that they don’t need over the summer or study abroad! Bedding, mattress pads, room organizers, shoes, clothing, outdoor gear, etc.

Just make sure you take home important documents, seasonal clothing, and valuables.

How safe is my stuff?

Very safe! We take great measures to ensure everything in our temperature controlled facility is secure. Our employees are background checked and we are always monitoring the facility to prevent any damage or theft. We’ve stored thousands of boxes…we’re experts!

When can I get my items back?
Each campus has a delivery schedule during the Fall and Winter. Check our website for info. You can request custom deliveries for an extra fee.
Which schools do you serve?
University of Denver

Regis University

Colorado School of Mines

Colorado Christian University

*If your school isn’t listed, please contact us. We’d love to help you!


Can I get just one box returned?
Unfortunately, we have to deliver all your boxes and stored items. But, if you’d like to put items back into storage, you can! Deliveries do cost extra outside of our free deliveries.
Is there anything I can’t store?
Yes. Common sense is a good rule of thumb. But, we definitely don’t store perishable items, food, family heirlooms, jewelry, anything that can explode, and items of high value or of an irreplaceable nature. Also, if it breaks easily, you should keep it in your home.
Can I store my items in plastic containers or Ikea bags?
Yes! But, they work best empty because they easily crack and break (especially when overstuffed!). We advise students to pack items into our free boxes and then stack these containers inside each other and store them in a wardrobe box.
Can I use my own boxes or containers?

If you use your own boxes, they must be in great condition to keep your items safe and to allow our team to move them. For pricing, we’ll charge based on the closest box or tier item. You can store containers inside our free boxes OR pay for the out-of-box price.

Is there a weight limit?
Yes, please keep each box under 50lbs. We have to lift and carry these boxes and need to protect our backs! If your box is too heavy, we will charge an extra fee.
Will you pack my boxes?
Sorry, but we’re not allowed to pack boxes on your behalf. If you really need assistance, ask your friends and buy some pizza.
What if I’m not sure how much storage I need?
Don’t stress! You only pay for the storage you need. Request a few extra boxes and if you don’t fill them up, we will change your final bill as long as you bring back the unused boxes.
When do I get charged?
During sign up, you’ll be charged a deposit. This reserves your account. Then, you are billed once for the summer (4 month term) and/or once for every study abroad term. Due to the high volume of students, it may take up to 30 days for your credit card to be billed.
Do you offer discounts?

If you sign up before April 1, we offer a $25 discount on your final bill. We also provide referral credits to students who refer their friends! Each referral is worth a $25 credit. Plus, if you refer 5+ friends, we’ll send you a $100 Amazon gift card.

Where do you store my items?
We have a secure facility in the outskirts of Denver (we don’t release the address for security purposes). Our warehouse is designed for the safe storage of household goods and we ensure your items are safely stored to prevent damage in storage. We avoid exposing your items to swings in temperature, dust, and other elements that can cause damage.
What if I move?
Please let us know as soon as possible. If you move within Denver, we can probably deliver your stuff to your new address. If you’re moving outside of Denver, there are several shipping options but they may get expensive

Still have questions? Contact us!