Coronavirus Storage and Shipping

Information and Pricing for the University of Denver

Latest Update (as of April 27): We are no longer accepting sign-ups for students at DU. Please contact the school with any questions.

We are working closely with the University to plan and execute this operation. Some details and timelines are still pending. Right now, we do not have the dates on when we will be picking up items from rooms. Please sign up and you will be contacted in advance once these logistics are finalized. Important updates will be posted here when available. We suggest reading through this page and signing up. The sign up process will take you step by step and answer many questions. If you still have questions, please contact us.

Local Students:  We cannot meet anyone to give them items from a room while we are on campus doing packing and pickups. If you live locally or want to avoid paying storage fees for the whole summer, please select the Short Term option below (this reduces your storage fees by 70%).  

How This Works

First, please read through this entire page to understand the pricing, details, and other information.

This is a complex situation and we are working incredibly hard to make this as transparent and smooth as possible. We know that nothing with the coronavirus situation has been easy and we ask for your patience and understanding while we get through this together.

Due to the sheer volume of this operation, custom requests for individual cases will not be available. Please contact the University, as necessary.

If you have nothing in your room that you would like to store or ship (and thus, you don’t need our service): please contact DU Housing and give them explicit permission to dispose/recycle any items in your room.

General Overview:

1. Sign up by Thursday, April 16. You’ll pay a $90 deposit that will be applied to your final bill.

2. Next, you’ll complete a comprehensive form that will let us know the specific details of your situation.

3. We are working with DU to determine exact timelines for pickups. Most likely, we will move all students out of one dorm at a time over several days. We will contact you with an estimated date so you can prepare for any video chat services you might require.

4. On the specified pickup date, we will contact you directly when we are ready to begin the Pickup and Packing Service for your room.

5. Everything will be moved to our warehouse for regular summer storage, short-term storage, and study abroad storage.

6. Any items you need to be shipped with be shipped 2-3 weeks after pickup due to demand.

7. Free deliveries will be made Sept 10-13 (Classes resume on Sept 14). Or, you can schedule a custom delivery for $50 for any other time. We need at least 7 days notice to schedule a delivery.

Details, Pricing and Other Info is Below

Pickup and Packing Service


This is required.

  • We will coordinate with DU to gain access to your room on predetermined dates. 
  • We will video chat with you and/or send text pictures to verify which items belong to you and whether you need them stored or shipped.
  • We will provide a packing service for any items that you left unboxed.
  • We will then move all your items to our warehouse. The fee covers coordination, video chat, packing service, supplies, moving labor, etc.


You will be charged one of these fees depending on the status of the items in your room. 

  • $90 – Items are all ready to be moved to storage. No packing is necessary.
  • $150 – Room is apx 80-95% packed. SquirrelBox packs between 1-5 boxes.
  • $250 – Room is less than 80% packed. SquirrelBox packs 6-15 boxes.
  • $150/hr – If room/space takes over 2 hours to pack (or more than 15 boxes to pack). There is a 2 hr minimum.

Note: We will always try to use common sense when applying these fees. They are guidelines that take into account time, labor, and supplies needed to safely store your items.

Storage Service


This is required.

  • All-inclusive: All the pricing includes pickup, storage, and delivery for up to 5 months (April-September). It is not month-to-month and we don’t pro-rate unless you select the Short Term option for delivery in mid-May.
  • Flat-fee per item: All the pricing is based on individual items. Every single box/item has a corresponding price to store based on weight, size, and complexity.
  • Items outside of a box: We will store any item outside of a box as well. Examples include: plastic tubs, rugs, mirrors, plastic shelves, skis, bikes, lamps, fans, etc. Each item will have it’s own corresponding price.
  • Customizable: You are only charged for what you actually store. We will verify everything with you at checkout.

Storage Options

There are 3 options for storing your items

Regular Summer Storage: We will store from April to September. Delivery on the 4 days before classes resume is included in the cost (Sept 10-13. Classes begin on Sept 14). Custom deliveries for any other dates are $50 and must be scheduled with at least 7 days notice.

Study Abroad / Extended Storage: If you don’t request delivery of your items by the end of September, we will transition you to this plan on October 1, 2020. The new monthly price will be your storage fees divided by 5. Example: Your total storage fees were $300 for the summer term. Your month to month price would be $300/5 = $60 per month. 

Short-Term Storage / Local Student: If you are a local student or planning to return to Denver shortly, we will provide a delivery of your items to the campus in mid-May. You can plan to meet us on campus to retrieve your items. Dates are subject to change as the stay at home orders are updated. There will be 1 location on campus where we will deliver all items on the specified date. We will keep you updated on timelines via email and plan to give at least 14 days notice.  Reduced cost: You will be charged the appropriate pickup fee, 30% of the storage fee, and a $50 custom delivery fee.

Storage Pricing

We understand that not all box sizes and items are listed here. If your item is not specifcally listed, we will assign the cost based on similar items.

Box Prices

  • Small Box (less than 1.6 cubic feet): $30
  • Medium Box (less 3.1 cubic feet): $40 (DU provided similar boxes)
  • Large Box (less than 4.6 cubic feet): $50 (DU provided similar boxes)

Additional Storage Costs

  • TV / Monitor – if your TV or monitor does not have a box, we will make a custom box and use bubble wrap. This will cost $30.
  • Mattress – we will provide a mattress bag for $10.

Price for Items Outside of a Box

Lightweight Tier



  • Empty plastic tubs
  • Empty plastic shelving
  • Laundry basket
  • Clothes hamper
  • Trash can

Small Tier



  • Skis
  • Snowboard
  • Rug
  • Mattress Topper
  • Carry on Suitcase
  • Lamp
  • Fan
  • Full plastic tub

Medium Tier



  • Desk Chair
  • TVs
  • Computer Monitor
  • Full plastic shelves
  • Golf clubs
  • Trunk
  • XL suitcase

Large Tier



  • Mini Fridge
  • Small Furniture
  • Small bookshelf
  • Bike
  • Bean bag chair

Furniture Tier



  • Needs 2 people to carry
  • Mattress
  • Bed Frame
  • Dresser
  • Couch
  • Futon

Shipping Service


This is optional.

You will let us know in advance which which items you would like shipped.

We will also verify with you when we picking up your items. If there are items that you want shipped that are already in a sealed box, we will open that box to retrieve the items. Please note that if lots of unpacking and packing is required, you may move into a higher price tier on the Pickup and Packing Service.

We will ship via UPS or FedEx approximately 2-3 weeks after we pickup your items. Each box or item is insured on shipping for up to $100.  

Cost for Shipping in USA


  • Medium Box: Less than 3.1 cubic feet: $60
  • Large Box: Less than 4.5 cubic feet: $85
  • Boxes must weigh less than 50lbs. Additional charges will be applied based on carrier rates if over 50lbs.
  • If you need to ship items that don’t fit into a standard box, we will charge the shipping rate + $10. Packing these items (skis, bikes, furniture, etc) will come with an additional cost.
  • *International Shipping will be extra. Please contact us for more info.
  • Items that are shipped are NOT included in the storage fee but are calculated when determining the Pickup and Packing Service.

Delivery of your Stored Items

We exclusively offer a delivery service.

Due to security and staffing requirements, you cannot come to the warehouse to pickup your items.

Free Delivery

We will deliver items to campus and off-campus housing on the following dates before Fall classes begin.

Delivery on these dates is included in the storage fee. Exact times will be sent out before August 1, 2020 and you can select the date that works best for you.

Free Delivery on Sept 10-13 (Classes Start on Sept 14)

There will be 4 free delivery days for Study Abroad students in January 2020 as well.

All deliveries will be to the curbside of your dorm or apartment. We will not bring items inside unless you select the valet service for an additional fee.

Student or pre-identified friend/roommate must be physically present to meet the delivery. 

Custom Delivery

If you need delivery on any other date, you will be charged $50.

Coordination must be made at least 7 days in advance.

No custom deliveries on weekends.

Delivery must be within 10-mile radius of campus.

Storage fees will not be refunded or pro-rated for any early deliveries (unless you do the mid-May short-term delivery).

Delivery will be to the curbside of your dorm, apartment, or building. We will not bring items inside unless you select the valet service for an additional fee.    


Do I have to use this service? Please contact DU with any questions regarding special circumstances. From our understanding, DU is not allowing anyone besides our team and school personnel into buildings for any reason.

What are you doing for social distancing? For any in-person interactions (e.g. curbside deliveries, etc), SquirrelBox will implement precautionary social distancing measures. 

What items will you NOT store? We do not pack or store food, liquids, weapons, hazardous materials, trash, illegal items, weapons, or any items we reasonably believe might cause damage to your items or employees. These items will be discarded.

Can I get a storage estimate? Yes, please scroll to the top of this page and click on the storage estimate.

I don’t need anything stored/shipped – what do I do? Please contact DU Housing and give them explicit permission to dispose/recycle any items remaining in your room. You don’t need to sign up for our service.

I do not want to pay to store/ship an item – what do I do? We will leave any items you do not want to store in the room for DU to remove/dispose/recycle. You will need to identify these items and give explicit permission for them to be disposed/recycled.

How can I make this storage more economical? First, ensure you are only storing items that are worth the cost. Since we store by the item, every item has a storage cost.  For example, storing an empty plastic tub will cost $30 but it may be cheaper to simply buy a new one if needed. Secondly, be sure to request delivery on the free delivery days (Sept 10-13). Lastly, consider the Short-Term Storage (with delivery in mid-May). For these students, we will only charge 30% of the storage rates plus the appropriate pickup/delivery fee.

Is there financial assistance? Please contact the University which has created a fund to help support students.

When will items be picked up? We are working closely with DU and monitoring the coronavirus situation. As soon as a schedule is announced, you will be notified so you can be on standby to do a video chat.

I do not want to pay to store an item – what do I do? We will leave any items you do not want to store in the room for DU to remove/dispose/recycle. Just verify with us during the checkout process.

What video chat service will you use? We will use FaceTime and Google Duo. Due to possible technology issues, iPhone users should download Google Duo as a backup. We can also send text message pictures to confirm your items.

I live locally – can I pickup items on the same day you are doing pickups? No. At this time, the University is not allowing anyone on campus besides our team members and school personnel. Please consider selecting the Short Term option for delivery in mid-May.

Can I choose which day you pickup my items? No. Due to the huge demand of this operation and requirements with the University, we will email you the specific pickup day when we will pickup your items. Final details on timelines are still be worked out.

Is there insurance on this storage? Yes. Every item or box is insured up to $150. If your box or item is missing or severely damaged, you will be compensated $150 per item. For $50 per item, you can purchase $1000 of extra insurance. You must notify us in writing, in advance, if you wish to purchase additional insurance. Your homeowners or renters insurance may also provide coverage. Please note that it is very rare that something happens to your items. We take great care while packing and transporting and if something does happen, we will always work with you to make it right.

Where are the items stored? In our secure, climate-controlled warehouse.

Can I pickup my items directly from the warehouse? No. Due to security and staffing reasons, we exclusively offer delivery for stored items.

When will I be charged? At sign up, we will collect a $90 deposit which will be applied to your final bill. We will charge the credit card on file the remaining amount within 14 days of pickup. You won’t see any other charges unless you select a custom option or you need extended storage.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while we work through this situation together!

Why choose SquirrelBox Storage?

Customer service is always our top priority. Contact us anytime and know we are here to help.

We are a family and Veteran-owned small business. Our owner served in the Army for over 5 years and specialized in logistics.

We provide a stress-free storage process for students and parents. We focus on this all year long so you don’t have to.