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Pricing Overview

Everything is priced by the item for an entire storage term.

Pricing is NOT month-to-month.

A storage term is up to 4 months:

  • Summer (1-4 months)
  • Fall (1-4 months)
  • Spring (1-4 months)

Students that study abroad will most likely need 2 storage terms. 

We offer shipping via UPS! See pricing below.

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What is Included?

Pricing includes the following:

  • We provide 3 sizes of boxes and tape
  • Curbside pickup (on select dates)
  • Storage in our secure, temperature-controlled warehouse
  • Curbside delivery (on select dates)

Choose add-ons for an extra fee. For example, we offer custom pickups and deliveries if our free dates don’t work.

Valet deliveries and pickups are at a first come first serve basis and cost an extra $300.00. 


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Helpful Tips

 All pricing is a la carte. You only pay for what you actually store at the time of pickup.

Packages are designed to make things easy for you. You can add or remove items from packages at pickup. 

It is cheaper and easier to pack everything in our free boxes. But, we take items outside a box as well. Pricing is based on size.

Do you live in an apartment/house? Our service can become expensive since you might be storing a lot of furniture.


Storage Pricing per Term

Item pricing

Packages and Add-On Service

Other Fees and Services

Generally, most students will pay the all-inclusive price. However, here are the other fees that we may charge:

  • Custom Date/Time for Pickup or Delivery: $90   If the free pickup/delivery slots don’t work with your schedule, we can arrange a custom date/time. This must be scheduled in advance and is based on availability.
  • Extra Time: $35  Our pickup and delivery schedules are firm.  If we have to wait for a student who is not punctual, we will charge this fee.
  • Overweight Box: $25    Each box is designed to hold 50lbs. That’s a lot of stuff! But, if you overpack your box, you will be charged this fee. This is strictly enforced to prevent injuries to you and us!
  • Unreturned Box: $5 (Wardrobe is $15)    If you don’t return unused boxes, we will charge for the cost of the box.
  • TV/Monitor Packing Fee: $25    If you don’t put these items in a box, we will wrap them in bubble wrap with a protective cardboard cover.
  • Mattress Bag: $10    These are required to store a mattress. We will have some on hand, if needed.

Other Important Information

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Shipping Services

Allow us to pickup your boxes and ship them home. We ship via UPS and offer a variety of shipping options to suit your needs.

The box prices can be found above in the Storage Pricing per Item section. Shipping cost will depend on the weight and size of the items/boxes.

Custom quotes are available upon request. 

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Plastic Bins and Ikea Items

Plastic Bins, Tubs, Shelving: If you fully pack inside these items, they are VERY likely to break or crack. Please pack lightly in these items. We will accept them but will not be responsible for damage to the plastic container.

Ikea / Particle Board Furniture: This stuff is great, but it is not designed for frequent moving after assembly. We will accept these items but will not be responsible for damage to this style of furniture. Please reach out if you have questions.

Tips to Save Money

  • Pack your items in our free boxes. Boxes are the cheapest items to store and they keep your items safe.
  • Pricing includes free pickup/delivery on select dates. If you won’t be here on the free dates, ask a friend or roommate to help move your items during the designated window. This avoids the $90 custom fee.
  • Save money using the wardrobe box for bedding, bulky items, lamps, tower fans, etc. Most students don’t use this for clothes.
  • Don’t store items that will be cheaper to replace than store! Students often store empty plastic containers which cost more to store than to buy new.

Why choose SquirrelBox Storage?

Customer service is always our top priority. Contact us anytime and see our five-star reviews on Google and Yelp.

We provide a stress-free storage process for students and parents. We focus on this all year long so you don’t have to.

Let us make storage easy for you!

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