Terms Of Service

Effective April 16, 2018

Thank you for using SquirrelBox. Our goal is to make storage as easy as possible. In order to accomplish this, there are some ground rules we have to cover. This document is intended to set out the terms and conditions (the “Terms”) that govern all use of www.squirrelboxstorage.com and SquirrelBox services.

Please read this agreement carefully as both you and SquirrelBox are bound by the terms of this Agreement. Our Storage and Online Services are available to you only if you accept all policies comprised in this Agreement.

In this Agreement, SquirrelBox LLC is referred to as “SquirrelBox” or the “Company”, and the customer is referred to as “you” or the “Customer”.

SquirrelBox reserves the right to amend any portion of this Agreement at any time. The most up-to-date version of this Agreement can be found at the SquirrelBox website (https://www.squirrelboxstorage.com)

I. Student Storage Service


Services include 1) the delivery of boxes and packing tape to the Customer via locations setup on campus or another location as specified by SquirrelBox for the Customer to pickup these items; 2) pick up of the Customer’s belongings during the scheduled pickup date and time at the Customer’s residence hall or address; 3) transportation of Customer’s belongings to the SquirrelBox storage facility; and/or 4) delivery of Customer’s belongings to his/her residence on or off campus at the scheduled delivery date and time.

Customer Contact Information

The Customer will be prompted to submit pertinent contact information for their reservation during the Reservation Process. Customer Contact Information may include Parent Name, Parent Phone Number, Parent E-mail Address, Permanent and/or Parent Mailing Address, Student Name, Student Phone Number, Student E-mail Address.

The Customer acknowledges that it is their sole responsibility for keeping their Customer Contact Information updated and accurate throughout the entire time that services are being rendered by SquirrelBox. SquirrelBox shall not be held responsible for any scheduling delays or failure to communicate information due to incorrect or out-of-date Customer Contact Information. Customer Contact Information can be updated by the Customer at any time by contacting SquirrelBox and/or emailing [email protected].

Scheduling Pickups and Deliveries

Dates will be available to choose from during the reservation process for 1) pickup of Customer’s belongings that will be stored with SquirrelBox; and/or 2) delivery of Customer’s belongings to his/her residence at the end of the storage period. At times, SquirrelBox will accept reservations without dates for pick up and/or delivery being posted and Customer will be notified at a later date to select their pick up date and time and/or their delivery date and time.

Customer will be required to choose dates at the time of their reservation or at an alternate time specified by SquirrelBox. Customer can change their scheduled dates by contacting SquirrelBox until the scheduling cut-off date specified by SquirrelBox. At the time of the cut-off date, all scheduling will be set and Customer will no longer be able to change the scheduled dates. A change can be made after the cut-off date with payment of fees dictated by SquirrelBox of no less than $50 and no more than $100 in extreme circumstances as determined by SquirrelBox in their sole discretion.

All dates and times are subject to change and are subject to non-availability. As reservations are processed, dates will be made unavailable to avoid over-crowding on particular dates and times. The Customer is responsible for being available for the entire duration of their scheduled time. If the customer is not available, or is not prepared for pick up or delivery at any point during their scheduled delivery times, a fee of no less than $35 and no more than $85 will be assessed and an alternate date and time for pickup or delivery will be assigned by SquirrelBox based on availability. SquirrelBox staff is not authorized to wait for any period of time for the Customer to arrive and transfer their belongings to SquirrelBox or to finish the packing of Customer’s belongings.

An Alternate Contact can be specified by the Customer. The Alternate Contact shall be responsible for being available during the entire duration of the pick up or delivery time and at the pick up or delivery location and must be authorized by the Customer to handle and abide by all of the terms of this Agreement. The Alternate Contact shall also be authorized by the Customer to handle and sign for the transfer of belongings to SquirrelBox or acceptance of belongings from SquirrelBox.

Distribution of Packing Supplies

The Customer is responsible for picking up the boxes and any other packing materials distributed on campus or another location as specified by SquirrelBox. Distribution of packing materials typically occurs the week before the first scheduled on campus Pickup Date and Time. The Customer will be notified of the procedures for picking up their packing materials.

Third-party corrugated boxes or packing tape that is not distributed by SquirrelBox shall not be used by the Customer without the prior approval of SquirrelBox. If the Customer fails to pick up their packing supplies, and alternative boxes and packing supplies are approved by SquirrelBox, no refund shall be issued for packing materials that would have otherwise been distributed to the Customer had they picked up their supplies during the scheduled distribution of Packing Supplies.


The Customer is solely responsible for packing Customer’s belongings properly and in a manner that is suitable for long-term storage. Customer belongings that have not been packed as such may be denied pick up and storage services at the sole discretion of SquirrelBox.

The Customer is solely responsible to safely and securely pack items into each box. This includes packing your items so that they will not be damaged during transit and storage. You understand that the box will be moved from time to time in connection with deliveries or as may be needed for its storage. By having us pickup a box, you represent and warrant that the box has been packed appropriately. The Customer agrees that SquirrelBox is not responsible for any damage caused by or arising from your failure to properly pack the box. In addition, we reserve the right to refuse any Box that we reasonably believe weighs over 50lbs, exclusive of the actual weight of the Box.

The Customer acknowledges that hazardous materials, explosives, firearms, flammable items, cash, high-value items, expensive jewelry, contraband, food, perishable items, soiled items, wet or damp items, and liquids should not be packed in SquirrelBox materials and shall not be stored with SquirrelBox. Furthermore, the Customer acknowledges that the Customer is liable for any damage that the Customer’s stored items and belongings may inflict on the property of others while in storage or being transported.


The Customer understands Customer’s responsibility for choosing and scheduling a date and timeslot that is suitable to Customer’s schedule. SquirrelBox does not guarantee that pick up will occur at a specific time during the Customer’s scheduled date and timeslot due to unforeseen circumstances outside of SquirrelBox’ control. During the Customer’s chosen date and timeslot a SquirrelBox representative will arrive to pick up the Customer’s boxes and belongings.

All pickups are completed at the curbside of the residence hall or address unless the Customer agrees to pay for the Valet Service (see section below).

At the time of pickup, the Customer or Alternate Contact will sign a Pick Up Receipt detailing that the belongings specified on the receipt were picked up and are in the possession of SquirrelBox. SquirrelBox shall be held harmless for claim of loss for any items not detailed on the Customer’s copy of the Pick Up Receipt.

If a Customer or Alternate Contact is not available during their scheduled pick up date and time, or their belongings are not prepared and packed appropriately according to the SquirrelBox’s standards (above), a $35-85 Missed Pick Up fee may apply.


The Customer acknowledges that all pricing is as shown on the website and is calculated per item for a 4-month term (usually the entire summer). Study abroad students will usually pay double the price for an 8-month term. There is no prorating of storage terms.

Customer or Alternate Contact can verify pricing before pickup by contacting SquirrelBox and will also be shown a final calculation on the Pick Up Receipt. This calculation will show all fees and prices at the time of pickup. Additional fees may be added a later time as the Customer requests new services or if SquirrelBox finds an error.

Custom quotes for an item can be obtained by e-mailing [email protected].

Any items that are not on the SquirrelBox website and item list that are added to a Customer’s account will be reviewed by SquirrelBox, and assessed a fee based on size, weight and how complex the item is to pick up or deliver. Price assessment and adjustment of items added at the time of pick up is typically made within 14 days of the scheduled pick up day and time. Additionally, the pick up and storage of items that are not on SquirrelBox’ website item list, or items that do not match the descriptions and classifications on the SquirrelBox’ website item list, may be refused at the sole discretion of SquirrelBox.


The Customer acknowledges that Customer is the lawful owner of the items being stored or are otherwise authorized to execute this Agreement on behalf of the lawful owner.

We will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the temperature of the facility in which your Boxes are stored between 55°F and 85°F. Other than temperature, Your Things will not be stored in a climate-controlled environment. The airflow, moisture level, and heat will not be constantly regulated. We will take all commercially reasonable steps to protect your items from the growth of mold or similar microorganisms.

Customer acknowledges that the storage boxes provided by SquirrelBox and premises where they will be located are not suitable for the storage of heirlooms or precious, invaluable or irreplaceable property such as, but not limited to, books, records, writings, contracts, documents, personalized or other DVDs or videos, works of art, objects for which no immediate resale market exists, objects which are claimed to have special or emotional value and records or receipts relating to the stored goods. You agree not to store any such items. Should you store such items, you assume the risk that they could be damaged by the environmental conditions existing at the premises where they are stored and waive all rights and claims against SquirrelBox for any damage arising from environmental conditions.


Delivery service includes delivery to a Customer’s location, either on campus at the same university from which belongings were picked up, or to an off campus location within a 5 mile radius of campus. Deliveries occurring outside of a 5 mile radius of campus are subject to additional fees to cover the added cost of delivery and shall occur only at the sole discretion of SquirrelBox.

The Customer understands Customer’s responsibility for choosing and scheduling a date and timeslot that is suitable to Customer’s schedule. SquirrelBox does not guarantee that delivery will occur at a specific time during the Customer’s chosen date and timeslot due to unforeseen circumstances outside of SquirrelBox’ control. During the Customer’s chosen date and timeslot a SquirrelBox representative will arrive to deliver the Customer’s boxes and belongings.

If a Customer or Alternate Contact is not available to receive their belongings from SquirrelBox during their scheduled Delivery Date and Time a $35-85 Missed Delivery fee may apply.

The Customer understands that Delivery must occur during the Delivery Schedule dictated by SquirrelBox. Typical delivery will occur within the week before Fall Semester/Quarter of each school year with additional earlier days for special interest groups at some universities.

The Customer further understands that any special/custom delivery arrangements that fall outside of the Delivery Schedule dictated by SquirrelBox will occur at the sole discretion of SquirrelBox and shall incur an additional fee between $85-300 to cover the cost of staff and equipment for a special/custom delivery.

All deliveries are completed at the curbside of the residence hall or address unless the Customer agrees to pay for the Valet Service (see section below).

If Customer fails to choose a Delivery Date and Time, additional storage fees shall apply for each month at rate of the total storage term price divided by 4 which will equal a monthly storage rate. Storage fees will not be prorated under any circumstances. These extra storage fees are in addition to any special/custom delivery fees.

Extended Storage Options

Customers interested in extending their storage beyond the first day of classes at Customer’s university for any given fall semester (or equivalent) are required to arrange the extended duration of storage with SquirrelBox by contacting [email protected] prior to the deadline determined at the sole discretion of SquirrelBox and communicated by e-mail notification to the Customer e-mail address provided to SquirrelBox. SquirrelBox does not prorate any storage fees. A delivery fee between $85- $300 shall be assessed to cover the cost of equipment and labor for such special/custom delivery for items in extended storage.


If SquirrelBox can not make contact with Customer within 60 days after the first day of classes at Customer’s university for any given fall semester (or equivalent) in order to setup a delivery date or an extended storage payment plan, ownership of all of the customer’s belongings may be assumed by SquirrelBox and may be disposed of at SquirrelBox’ sole discretion.

Accessing Your Items

Customers acknowledge that they will be unable to access their items before the campus delivery dates without explicit permission received at the time of Pickup or in advance from SquirrelBox. Additional fees ranging from $85-300 may be charged if this permission is granted.

In the event that certain situations occur SquirrelBox may access the Customer’s belongings without providing prior notice. Specific situations include but are not limited to 1) removal of items from the Customer’s belongings that may be leaking, emitting fumes or odors or that may harm or endanger other personal property 2) security purposes 3) to repair damaged or wet boxes 4) to comply with a court order or law 5) to remove items not permitted for storage.


The $40 deposit reserves your storage account and the boxes and tape being delivered to you ahead of time. The deposit will be applied to the final bill. It is fully refundable if you cancel your account by contacting [email protected] before the empty boxes are delivered. If you cancel after your boxes have been delivered, the deposit will be applied to the purchase of the boxes.

The final bill is finalized at the time of pickup and will be charged to credit card or debit card on file within 2 weeks of pickup. Payment forms accepted include MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express credit or debit cards.

Valet Service:

All pickups and deliveries are completed at the curbside of the dorm or address unless the Customer agrees to the Valet Service. The valet service means that SquirrelBox staff will bring boxes and items to/from the dorm room or front door of an address. This services does not include packing or unpacking. The charge for this service is at least $45 and may be higher if the location is difficult to access as determined by the sole discretion of SquirrelBox staff.

Insurance and Claims

SquirrelBox does not insure against improperly packed items, excessively fragile items, particle board furniture, minor damages such as scratches and dents caused by normal handling, damage to storage containers such as plastic bins or drawers and trunks, concealed damages, damage or loss of digital files, or any damage that occurs without evidence of physical damage to the exterior of the box, or items that were not packed according to the packing tips outlined in this Agreement.

Furthermore, there is no coverage for loss or damage caused by or resulting from war, flood, earthquake, vermin or climatic conditions such as rust, mold or mildew.

Unfortunately, particle board furniture is not designed to move once it is built. Since particle board furniture is popular among college students, SquirrelBox will accept these items and do everything possible to avoid damage, however due to the design and nature of these items, SquirrelBox shall be held harmless for any damage caused during the moving and storage of these particular items. It is recommended that the Customer wraps and protects particle board furniture to their best ability.

SquirrelBox shall not be responsible for loss or damage of an item that occurs before SquirrelBox takes possession of such items. This includes but is not limited to, damage that may occur to items while inside or outside the Customer’s residence awaiting pick up.

SquirrelBox’ extent of liability for damaged items is the cost of restoring such property to its condition before moving and storage took place up to $150 per item listed on the Pick Up Receipt. For lost items, coverage is limited to the actual current and cash value of the items.

If the Customer wishes to make a claim of damage or loss, all other options for coverage including any coverage held by a parent must be exhausted first.

To place a claim of damage or loss, Customer must e-mail SquirrelBox at [email protected] to request official claim information and claim forms. Customer acknowledges that all claims must be filed with SquirrelBox within 10 days from the Customer’s scheduled Delivery Date and Time.

Hold Harmless

Customer indemnifies, defends and holds SquirrelBox harmless from and against all suits, actions, damages, liabilities and expenses (including attorney’s fees and court costs) in connection with bodily injury, death or property damage arising from or out of any occurrence in, upon, at or from the Customer’s Premises, or its agents, employees or contracts acts or omissions in the same.

At the time of delivery, the Customer or Alternate Contact will sign a Delivery Receipt detailing that the belongings specified on the receipt were delivered and to confirm that all items were received in satisfactory condition at which point SquirrelBox shall relinquish possession of the items to the Customer and shall be held harmless for any and all claims of damage or wrongdoing therefrom. SquirrelBox shall be further held harmless for claim of loss or damage for any items not otherwise specified on the Customer’s copy of the Delivery Receipt.


SquirrelBox is not responsible for any loss or damage to the Customer’s belongings, boxes or their contents unless loss or damage is caused directly by SquirrelBox’ negligence and willful misconduct. The maximum liability exposed to SquirrelBox is limited to and shall not exceed the fees that the Customer has paid for the Services rendered by SquirrelBox and the apportioned total declared value the Customer states during the Reservation Process.


The invalidity or unenforceability of any provisions of this Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.


II. Tire Storage Terms of Agreement

By submitting your pick-up request or payment to SquirrelBox LLC, you are agreeing to the following Terms of Agreement.

Section 1: SquirrelBox’s Obligations:

SquirrelBox will provide pickup, storage, and then delivery of Customer’s tires or what is presented as Customer’s tires by the Customer’s tire service provider within the Denver Metro marketplace in exchange for a monthly storage fee. There is a minimum storage fee of at least 3 months. SquirrelBox will not prorate any portion of a month where storage is not used. SquirrelBox agrees to deliver Customer’s tires within forty eight (48)  hours of receiving a properly and successfully submitted delivery request. If SquirrelBox damages or loses Customer’s tires and or wheels, SquirrelBox will repair or replace Customer’s tires and or wheels with like property equal to or greater than the value of Customer’s tires and or wheels at the time of the loss at its expense and at its discretion.

Section 2: Customer Obligations:

Customer agrees to provide information needed to properly track their property such as name, email address, phone number, and the year, make, and model of the vehicle that the tires to be stored fit. Customer agrees to confirm that their tire service provider has clearly marked Customer’s tires with Customer’s name for pick-up by SquirrelBox and firmly affixed any loose lug nuts or accessories. SquirrelBox does not track or store lug nuts and accessories that are not attached to Customer’s wheel tire assembly. Customer agrees to communicate with SquirrelBox when changes occur to their contact information or when delays in service cause a change in the requested pick-up date. If Customer’s swap is delayed and Customer doesn’t notify SquirrelBox and it causes SquirrelBox to make an unneccassary trip, SquirrelBox may charge Customer $20.00. All fees and payments will be billed to the credit card on file. Delivery constitutes the conclusion of SquirrelBox responsibility. Subsequent Pick-up indicates continuation of agreement under the current Terms of Service. Failure to pay within 30 days communicates property abandonment and SquirrelBox may dispose of Customer’s property with no obligation to Customer. Customer agrees to request delivery and pick-up of tires by submitting an online order form provided by SquirrelBox or by emailing at [email protected]

Section 3: Representations of the Parties:

SquirrelBox makes no representation as to the condition of or usability of Customer’s tires and or wheels nor the value of and the cost effectiveness of tires being stored. It is our recommendation that Customer get a professional evaluation of their tires and their tire’s value prior to submitting them for storage. Customer agrees that if they submit tires for storage they have determined that those tires are valuable enough to them to warrant storage.

Section 4: Additional Terms:

SquirrelBox agrees to protect Customer’s privacy to the extent it can. SquirrelBox will not sell, rent, or give information regarding Customer except as needed to identify tires at the tire professional’s shop or to comply with law. Customer agrees to opt in as required to receive email invoices from SquirrelBox.

Section 5: Force Majeure:

SquirrelBox shall not be obligated to deliver within its stated time schedule when events beyond its control occur such as floods, fires, traffic jams, or extreme weather. When such conditions end, SquirrelBox, shall reasonably resume its obligations.

Section 6: Governing Law:

Prior to litigating any dispute arising out of this agreement, Customer agrees to mediate and/ or arbitrate said dispute through a mutually agreed upon dispute resolution program. By agreeing to submit any dispute arising out of this agreement, Customer agrees that no dispute shall be submitted to arbitration prior to exhaustion of informal grievance procedures direct to the SquirrelBox. Customer further understands that the arbitrator’s decision is legally binding on all parties involved in the dispute.

Section 7: Amendments:

The only way either SquirrelBox or Customer can change any terms of this agreement is if that change is both (a) in writing and (b) signed by both parties.


Section 8: Assignment and Delegation:

Neither party may assign or delegate unless the other party gives written consent, which will not be unreasonably withheld, before that assignment or delegation takes place.

Section 9: Severability:

If any part of this agreement is invalidated the rest of the agreement shall remain valid and unchanged

Section 10: Notices:

Official or Legal correspondence shall be delivered to SquirrelBox, 4047 Tejon St, Denver CO 80211.

Section 11: Entire Agreement:

Both parties agree that this agreement is the complete agreement and no other agreement shall affect this agreement.