Need seasonal tire storage?

We pickup, store, and deliver your tires.

Seasonal tire storage in Denver and Boulder. 

Now provided by Colorado Tire Storage!

Exciting news! Our sister company, Colorado Tire Storage, is now the exclusive provider for seasonal tire storage in Denver and Boulder. We decided to transition our tire storage service to its own unique name in order to bring more focus to each business.

Colorado Tire Storage is still owned and operated by the same family as SquirrelBox and will continue to provide fantastic customer service. 

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Colorado Tire Storage is the sister business of SquirrelBox. It’s owned and operated by the same family and is solely focused on providing a convenient tire storage solution to the Denver and Boulder areas.

How tire storage works:

1. We pickup your set of 4 tires from your tire shop in Denver or Boulder.

2. We store in our secure warehouse.

3. We deliver them back to your tire shop before your next tire swap.

Tire Storage Details

  • Colorado Tire Storage works with all tire shops and dealerships in the Denver and Boulder communities.
  • The tire storage package includes storage for up to 7 months (the entire current season), one free pickup and delivery.
  • Wheels are stored at no extra cost!
  • Colorado Tire Storage will coordinate with your tire shop so you can get on with your day. You never have to touch your tires again!

Benefits of Seasonal Tire Storage

  • Keep your hands and car clean!
  • Free pickup and delivery to your tire shop!
  • Save space in your garage or apartment!
  • It takes just 2 minutes to sign up.
  • Tires stay safe, dry, and ready for next season!

Already a tire storage customer?

Recommended Tire Shops in Denver and Boulder

These shops have proved time again that they care about their customers. And, they work really well with our tire storage program.

Be sure to tell them that Colorado Tire Storage sent you!

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Have questions about the seasonal tire storage program?

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